Behind the scenes of a video game being made – Journey

Another great look behind the scenes of a video game being made. Journey being created.

The Train2Game Blog

Train2Gamestudents can go behind the scenes of Journey in a developer diary from thatgamecompany.

Journey is a PlayStation 3 downloadable title, that sees plays go on a mystical adventure. In the world of Journey, it’s entirely possible to encounter others playing the game, but there’s no way of voice or text communication, and you’ll never know who they actually are.

The developer diary details the story behind Journey, how it came to have its distinct artistic style, why there is no communication and more.

Watch the video from thatgamecompany below, right here on The Train2Game Blog.

Journey is available now to PlayStation Plus subscribers and from 14th March if you’re not.

Thatgamecompany previously produced much praised indie title Flower, and as previously reported by The Train2Game Blog, studio co-founder Kellee Santiago says testing is an integral part of their game development.

So Train2Game, have you played Journey…

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