Is Video Game Production Easier Than Ever?

Welcome one and all to my new blog about making video and computer games.

So here we go, delving into the massive field of how to make a video game.

Over the years I have looked at the easiest ways on how to make a great game and I have always hit a brick wall, as I basically want it all to happen by magic. Well I have news for you, it will not!

I have followed the likes of 2DBoy, Rovio and a number of other independent Video Game developers over the past two/three years and I can only admire the rich and wonderful games that they produce. I marvel at the artwork and game mechanics as it makes you feel you are there in a weird yet wonderful way.

So how exactly am I supposed to come up with a game that rivals Angry Birds and The World Of Goo you may ask? The same way they did, with a different look on the world.

With a view to make a game out of ANYTHING….

….. Look outside now, what do you see? Birds? Towers? Entire cities?

Any of these sound familiar?

All of the above could be the basis of your game, all you have to do is put pen to paper.

Grab your nearest drawing pad or app, whatever. If you draw a circle with the thing you see in life, then spur off ideas from that.

Say you see a bird, what things are connected to that?

Once you have your little brainstorm you can use that to create the basis of your game and see how it fits together, if at all.

It should give you a rough idea if you have a basis for your game.

Making video game brainstorm word association
If your art skills are limited like mine it doesn’t matter.

You could always try adding other outside elements to see if similar things match by using word association.

Just use the same brainstorm you have and spur off it.

You see I have come up with an idea of having birds avoiding being sucked into an airplane engine just by thinking about what else flies!

I could have put other things like Superman or Harry Potter but I would have to be working for Marvel or Warner Bros for that to even be legally possible.

You notice I added some crude little drawings to keep the idea alive, a little visuals go a long way, try to include some colour as well.

The Artists Technique Of Drawing Shapes
The Artists Technique Of Drawing Shapes

You can spend hours doing this so try to keep all the ideas written down so you don’t forget anything as every idea can be used at some stage in your career.

Keep everything! Your characters, props, scenery, the lot!

This is the result of a little tutorial I followed, it didn’t turn out too bad!

Drawing Scenery
Some scenery I drew from rough.

So you see it does not matter what year it is, what the latest and greatest game is, the ideas always come the same way – by using the things around you, brain storm everyday things and you too can create a masterpiece.

I will return with more views on the video game making world!

Thanks for reading.



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