Kickstarter: It wasn’t long ago that $3 million for a video game or $1 million for an album was considered unrealistic.

Brilliant article. We have come a long way in the way we entertain ourselves. A lot more is acceptable now than ever, the sensors have increased ten fold as well.

Sharing is Liberty

Critics of new entertainment business models like to suggest that quality content can’t be produced without the financial backing that can only come from studios, networks, record labels and other big businesses, and they tend to dismiss every counter-example as somehow inferior art—but that’s an increasingly untenable position. Not only is quality content already being produced in new ways, but the stage is set for even bigger and more expensive projects. And considering how new some of these models are and how rapidly they’ve grown, if we’re already at the point where a show like Louie could probably be made outside the traditional ecosystem, is it really so inconceivable that one day in the near future even things like Game of Thrones and the red-herring of the $200 million movie could break free as well? A Kickstarter for a movie that hits the hundreds of millions sounds impossible now—but it…

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