GamePress – The New App To Make A Video Game For iOS, On iOS – Design A Whole Video Game In An App On Your iPad.

So I have just taken five to spread the bird** on this new app that has clearly just fallen out of the heavens like a frozen angry flappy flailing bird.

(**The bird is the word don’t you know?)

The App is on the Apple App Store and is called GamePress and quite simply is the most amazing game creation app I have ever seen.

So (aside from my undisclosed love for virtual poultry) I will tell you what it does. It is so customisable it is silly, I mean I tried to find a game behavior, event, graphic or animation that it could not deal with… But couldn’t.

And you wanna know the best part?


Now I am by no means an expert on making video games so a lot of the testing was just me fiddling and seeing how easy/obvious it was to get a character to do stuff.

I have been playing about with all of the settings and have not even slightly scraped the surface.

You can just drag everything on to the screen wherever you like and then you can edit the behaviours of each item to customise your game.

I just added a character from the library and dragged some behaviors so he can be controlled and collect items. It was so easy it is silly, what these guys have done is a credit to gaming as a whole.
You just drag the commands from the left and then you can link them up by the little circles, so when you shoot you can add particle effects and play animations.
This really can be used to make a full game.
You can see the vast library they have to choose from below.
You have characters, environments, weapons, vehicles, UI graphics you name it has nearly all of it.
It even has animations that can be added when your character interacts with others, i.e. Being shot, shooting and of course jumping and walking.

Go to if you want to see more, I did and I tell you it helped push me to sign up to the Apple Developer Programme, as well as seeing how a game is put together.

I will have to keep coming back with updates as this five mins out has gone on for DAYS!

If you want to try it out, go to download it.


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