How to handle criticism and feedback on your game

THIS guy gets it – simply like holding up a mirror, except I haven’t achieved nearly as much, yet!


So you have spent hours working on your pride and joy, sank your heart and soul into the project and you’re proud as punch at the outcome of your labour. All that hard work must have paid off, and you have a sure fire hit on your hands that everybody will love!?

You show your masterpiece to a couple of people, but hold on, they don’t like the clash of colour between the background and main character, the first level is boring and then the second level is too hard! But what do they know, sure opinions are like toilets, everybody has one and some of them are full of ****! They must be wrong, wait till your game goes viral, they’ll see!

Well unfortunately, although deep down this is what we are all likely to think once someone gives negative feedback on a game, it is 99.9999% likely what…

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