Godot Open Source Multi-Platform 2D & 3D Game Engine

Pretty great features for this 2D game engine. It is expected now that all engines are easy to use and are streamlined.

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Innovative design

Extremely efficient paradigm for designing games.

  • Visual editor, full of mature tools.
  • Uncluttered UI, with context-sensitive editors.
  • Amazing scene system, supporting instancing and inheritance.
  • Friendly content creation interfaces for artists, level designers, animators, …
  • Visual shader editing for 2D and 3D.
  • Persistent live editing (changes are not lost after stopping the game). Live editing on mobile devices!

Develop 2D games

Create any kind of complex 2D games.

  • Fully dedicated 2D engine, no hacks.
  • Work in pixels as your units, but scale to any screen size and ratio.
  • Custom 2D physics engine that works in pixel coordinates.
  • Flexible kinematic controller for collision without physics.
  • Blit 3D models as sprites into 2D.

Develop 3D games

Create great-looking 3D games.

  • Import 3D models from 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, and more with full animation.
  • Skeleton deforms and blend shapes.
  • Several light types, with shadow mapping.
  • Render with HDR, anti-aliasing and linear color modes.
  • Post-process fog, glow, bloom, color adjustment, …
  • Support for Physically-Based Rendering planned for the end of 2016.

Animate everything

Most flexible animation system for games.

  • Animate 2D or 3D. Visual animation editor with timeline.
  • Frame-based or cut-out animation for sprites and rigs.
  • Any property of any object can be animated, even function calls.
  • Use custom transition curves and tweens.
  • Helpers to animate 2D rigs, with skeletons and IK.
  • Efficient optimizer to pack imported 3D animations.
  • Animation Tree support for fluid character animation.

Script & debug

Add behaviors to objects with built-in scripting.

  • Python-like scripting language, designed to make games with zero hassle.
  • Built-in editor with syntax highlighting, real-time parser and code completion.
  • Powerful integrated debugger and profilers. Can debug a game running on mobile devices.
  • Integrated class documentation browser.
  • Friendly C++ API to optimize parts of the game or extend any part of the engine.

Multi-platform editor

Create games on any desktop OS.

  • Godot works on Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Haiku. Editor runs in 32-bit and 64-bit, in all platforms.
  • Small download (around 20 MB), and you are ready to go.
  • Very easy to compile yourself in any platform (no dependency hell).

Multi-platform deploy

Deploy games everywhere!

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS
  • Desktop platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, *BSD, Haiku
  • Web Platforms: HTML5 (via Emscripten)
  • One-click deploy & export to most platforms. Easy to create custom builds too.


Godot is designed from the ground for teamwork.

  • Filesystem usage is friendly to popular version control systems (Git, Subversion, Mercurial, PlasticSCM, Perforce, …).
  • Scene instancing makes teamwork a breeze, every team member can focus on their own scene. Be it a character, stage, … Edit without stepping on each other’s toes.
  • Text-based descriptive and optimal scene format.
  • Script syntax supported by GitHub.

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