The Mod Debacle: Creative Collectives and The Profit Motive

This is a great article, covers so many things.
Thank you and I am not surprised you are self published.

Bloodlust: Domains of the Chosen

A funny thing happened last week: Valve announced that the Steam Workshop, a repository of mods for its games, would begin to allow modders to charge for their work. (A mod is a third party modification to a game, which can vary from simple changes to epic content patches, gameplay changes, and beautification of games) The flagship for this feature would be Bethesda’s Skyrim, the latest elder scrolls game (which I still haven’t played due to a vow that has to do with my first book — sigh).  Skyrim has tens of thousands of mods according to some counts.

Both Bethesda and Valve have long been staunch supporters of mods. Valve has a good track record with allowing users to generate and sell content in its other games, such as Team Fortress 2 and DOTA 2. Bethesda has given interested modders access to the innards of almost all of its Elder Scrolls and…

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