Character Creation – Development 1

Really nice article on how to design your character.

Sam's Art Blog

Character Backstory/information:

Name: Zachariah “Zed” Archwood.

Age: 27.

Environment: Desert, with oasis’s scattered about the area.

Back story: Zachariah(Zed) was injured in an attack on his town by an (alien) enemy force, he was found by a mechanist who saved him. His body is modified with cybernetic parts to ensure his survival. He seeks revenge on those who destroyed his home. The Mechanist guides him, acts as a conscious at times. Zed is most definitely in it for himself first and foremost, however he does usually do the right thing. A bit of an anti-hero.

Character Thumbnails. Moved away from the hooded figure as I wanted the character to be easy identified at a quick glance.


More Character development. I moved away from the shoulder pads and onto a shield as I felt this was more practical for the characters survival in combat. I also exaggerated the size of the…

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